About The Reckit Trauma Kit

About The Reckit Trauma Kit

The items in the Reckit Trauma Kit are tools. The effectiveness and limitations in the proper usage of these tools is effected and limited by user knowledge. The idea of the trauma kit was to provide practical, no nonsense,easy to use with minimum training, emergency care.

Minimum training

We recommend and encourage taking a comprehensive first responder, first aid, or wilderness medicine course. There is no substitute for real first aid training. Learn to use the tools in the trauma kit before you need to use the trauma kit. A life or death accident scene is not the place for learning to properly use the contents of the RecKit trauma kit.

Learning the tools

Swat T Tourniquet : visit their web site and watch the instructional videosswattourniquet.com

To learn more about shock, severe bleeding, fractures and dislocations visit: firstaidanywhere.com

American Red Cross for training : www.redcross.org

There are many uses for the emergency blanket : visit first aid uses for an emergency blanket or 50 uses for an emergency blanket or 101 uses for an emergency blanket

In the Reckit trauma kit we provide the three basic items to do all you can do, until advanced help arrives, you provide the rest.

Securus esto paratus !

Why Do You Need A Trauma Kit?

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