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Emergency Trauma Kit - Reckit Trauma Kit

The Reckit trauma kit is a trauma kit built around the idea of buying time in a situation where seconds can mean the difference between life and death. There are only three items in the trauma kit. This reduces the decision making process that the average person will face in a high stress environment. The three items are tools- read about the Reckit trauma kit for more information on the use of these tools.

Let me take some time to explain what the items in the Reckit trauma kit are and why I chose them.

I spent over a year researching accident statistics, accidents of every kind, and I mean every kind. I was looking for a common link that could be incorporated into treating the accident victim with the least possible training and equipment and still provide life saving aid where possible. After analyzing information from a variety of sources to include but not limited to The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma, The Journal Of Emergency Medical Services, The Merck Manual, The National Institutes of Health/U.S. National Library of Medicine, Medicine of Cycling, The American Red Cross, the CDC, RoSPA, MAYO CLINIC,and even The New York Times, I found my link. The most common cause of preventable death was the same across the board: uncontrolled bleeding from the extremities and shock from blood loss and exposure. Fractures and dislocations could be addressed but not necessarily considered life threatening unless accompanied with extreme bleeding.

Now I had to decide what to put in the Reckit trauma kit and why? 

I started by examining the available trauma kits on the market. While there are an assortment of great products, I did not find what I was looking for. The cost in comparison to size, function, and versatility. I found trauma kits with similar capabilities ranging in price from 15.85 to 50.00 dollars. These trauma kits were either bulky or offered the user a number of ways to treat the same injury.  Many of the items I would consider a luxury verses a necessity in a crisis where the least amount of items to choose from means more time tending to the wounds, and less time thinking about what to tend to the wounds with.

The Reckit trauma kit was designed to meet several specific needs in addition to controlling bleeding, treating for shock, and stabilizing fractures; ease of use and multi function versatility , compact, and affordable. There are only three items, items that can be used by almost anyone …  the items…. the tools, are that simple to use with little formal instruction.

The three tools and why:

SWAT T TOURNIQUET: Ease of application, no locks, clasp, bars just stretch, wrap, and tuck. It is a multi function tool. It can be used with the other tools in the trauma kit to address a number of situations, stop bleeding as a tourniquet or pressure dressing- with or without pad.An elastic bandage or to help secure fractures and dislocations. It can be cut and used to repair equipment or secure emergency blanket to protect from the elements or as a signal or warning. I reviewed a number of tourniquets,CAT and SOF among the top choices- for tourniquets. However they are limited in their use outside of the intended purpose as a tourniquet, and require the user to learn the mechanics of proper application, not to mention the cost.

5″x9″ Trauma pad:  the primary use of the trauma pad is for injuries to the head, neck, and face, remember in the event of severe uncontrolled bleeding from the arms or legs- TOURNIQUET FIRST if the wound is severe treat it as such. Stop the bleeding then address  other injuries. The trauma pad can be used with the SWAT T TOURNIQUET if practical as a pressure dressing, or alone to treat various punctures and lacerations. It can be applied to cover injuries to the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It may be moistened and used as a compress to help cool a victim or to clean wounds,or even tinder to help start a fire.

Emergency Blanket: Its uses are almost limitless- I chose to put it in the Reckit trauma kit to augment the other tools and provide a method of treating shock brought on from exposure. The two most frequently broken bones among cyclist and hikers/climbers are the collar bone and wrist. The emergency blanket can be used to form a soft splint and secured with the SWAT T TOURNIQUET or made into a sling.  Weather you are shielding the accident victim from the sun or rain, trying to retain body heat, or tearing for additional bandages and tourniquets, using to warn or signal, mend equipment, or to help move the injured person the emergency blankets value cannot be under estimated. It is not intended to replace a sleeping bag or to be used as a tent or tarp. On its own it is meant to render short term shelter and provide temporary relief and comfort.

These three items, these tools, provide the user with the widest range of options to address the treatable life threatening injuries you may encounter while living your life, going to work, pursuing outdoor activities, or just chasing your dreams… This is the trauma kit I carry riding my road bike, hiking, and when I go to the range. It is what I designed it to be. Compact, versatile,affordable and easy to use. Go to the About The Reckit option read the information.

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