Gary J. Glemboski , TACMED Instructor Endorsement

I have known Mr. Roose for almost 40 years.
His research into the need and contents of THE RECKIT has been substantial and the reasoning behind it is extremely practical. As a law enforcement officer for over 35 years, including 25 years on the SWATT team. I was also a certified EMT-I and co-developed a Tactical Medic program that has been taught all over the U.S. We have always supported carrying some level of individual first aid supplies. I have encountered many types of trauma injuries over my career and have discussed what necessities are needed to treat them. Paramedics, trauma surgeons and others have always said simple is better.
THE RECKIT meets this requirement.
The content of THE RECKIT is versatile and effective – two things that are necessary in emergent situations. Its small package size and contents make it perfect for those individuals who want to have something on hand but don’t want to be encumbered by a large or bulky bag. I have been instructing firearms safety and personal protection classes for over 25 years. In all our programs we highly recommend getting some level of advanced first aid training and carrying basic first aid supplies to treat gunshot and blast injuries. THE RECKIT will now be among those recommendations.
Gary J. Glemboski – Chief of Police Hunter Army Airfield NAEMT-I, TACMED Instructor

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