Note from Coach – The Reckit Trauma Kit

Packing up to ride this morning…As I pack up to ride this morning I am adding something to the list of things I carry with me. While the pack on my bike and my pockets are usually full when I start heading out for longer rides this little pack is something I will always carry. I have just been made aware of this by a passionate fellow cyclist, Bobby Roose, who developed this. This pack allows me to provide basic care for someone who has been in an accident. I always like to think of myself as being prepared for anything but when we recently met and he asked me what I would do in a variety of situations I was stunned that all I could do is call 911. As we all know, we ride in some pretty remote areas and it might take time to get help, now at least through the 3 simple things in this pack I can help to keep an athlete comfortable until help comes. Could you do that? Bobby suggests that we ALL carry this in case we need one for ourselves or for the person we are riding with or come across on the road. What do you carry with you when you ride? Here is my new list:

  • Reckit
  • Epi Pen
  • Benadryl
  • Ibuprofen
  • Money
  • Identification/Organ Donor Card
  • Spare Tire
  • 2-3 CO2 cartridges
  • MultitoolSmall heavy duty paper towel that I wrap my multitool in so it doesn’t rattle but can also be used for many useful things
  • Extra drink mix
  • Phone

Normally I leave all of these things packed in my bag under my seat or in a small zip lock bag so I am not trying to remember everything for each ride.I encourage all of you to check out the Reckit and order one to carry with you! Ride safe my friends and take care of those you come across while you are out there.

Coach Katie

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Bradley Post, MD, FACEP Endorsement

As an Emergency Medicine physician and backcountry enthusiast, I am truly impressed with the versatility and portability of the RecKit. The RecKit can effectively treat both the most serious and the most common injuries encountered. The thermal blanket can combat primary hypothermia or counter the hypothermia associated with trauma and shock. A compression dressing or tourniquet can be formed to control bleeding. In addition, the kit offers multiple immobilization options to stabilize orthopedic injuries. I can imagine an endless variety of other potential uses for this intelligent product.
I keep one in my car and one in my backpack.
Thanks, Bradley Post, MD, FACEP

John W. Odom, MD Endorsement

Dear Bobby

I hope this letter finds you well. I have had a chance to look at your product THE RECKIT. As a trauma/military surgeon for many years I can begin by telling you this idea has my complete endorsement. It appears to be a simple kit that addresses the most common preventable causes of pre-hospital decompensation in trauma patients. (i.e., preventable blood loss and hypothermia) along with the enhanced negative cytokine control that occurs in immobilized fractures. I believe that in addressing these three areas your product can make a great difference in helping potentially salvageable patients survive until help arrives and limit preventable complications in their care. I hope that you find a ready market for this very valuable product.


John W. Odom, MD

Gary J. Glemboski , TACMED Instructor Endorsement

I have known Mr. Roose for almost 40 years.
His research into the need and contents of THE RECKIT has been substantial and the reasoning behind it is extremely practical. As a law enforcement officer for over 35 years, including 25 years on the SWATT team. I was also a certified EMT-I and co-developed a Tactical Medic program that has been taught all over the U.S. We have always supported carrying some level of individual first aid supplies. I have encountered many types of trauma injuries over my career and have discussed what necessities are needed to treat them. Paramedics, trauma surgeons and others have always said simple is better.
THE RECKIT meets this requirement.
The content of THE RECKIT is versatile and effective – two things that are necessary in emergent situations. Its small package size and contents make it perfect for those individuals who want to have something on hand but don’t want to be encumbered by a large or bulky bag. I have been instructing firearms safety and personal protection classes for over 25 years. In all our programs we highly recommend getting some level of advanced first aid training and carrying basic first aid supplies to treat gunshot and blast injuries. THE RECKIT will now be among those recommendations.
Gary J. Glemboski – Chief of Police Hunter Army Airfield NAEMT-I, TACMED Instructor

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS Endorsement

The Reckit is a most useful tool for those people who enjoy the outdoors and various active sports. No one plans to be hurt, but it does happen, and it pays to be prepared. The Reckit is a small trauma kit that is easily storable in a small back pack or even in a pocket. It rapidly and easily addresses various injuries including stabilization of broken bones, bleeding from arms, legs, and head, shock from bleeding or exposure, and much more. It is easily and rapidly usable and will buy precious time until professional help can arrive. I completely endorse this much needed product and think it should be made available for everyone from rock climbers to bicyclists to military personnel to hikers, and anyone else exposed to the possibility of injury. In fact, I feel it should be in every automobile. Like seatbelts, you hope you don’t need it, but can be a lifesaver under adverse circumstances. It is well thought out, I cannot think of a reason that it should not be a standard for personal safety for nearly everyone. As a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon for many decades and a recipient of trauma of sport injuries myself, I highly recommend this product.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS